Welcome to The Gentleman Stationer, my little island of obsession on the internet!  My name is Joe, and I live in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area, as a certified pen/pencil addict, paper obsessive, and all-around book and stationery junkie.  I like to write, and appreciate (admittedly more than most) the tools of writing, such as pens, pencils, ink, looseleaf paper, legal pads, notebooks, erasers, etc.  You can imagine what my desk looks like.     

Why this blog?  Admittedly, pens, stationery, and "vintage living" are offbeat topics for a blog.  Most people these days are focused on going paperless and converting their life to an all-digital format.  In a world that increasingly emphasizes digital devices exclusively, using an analog workflow may seem out of place.   But I’m very attached to my “analog(ue) tools” because they help me organize my thoughts in a more cohesive manner.  Analog writing and "thinking on paper" add value, especially in a world where it's becoming ever harder to focus due to perpetual digital distraction.  The next time you reach for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to take notes at a meeting or in class, or to organize your thoughts prior to draft whatever it is you’re writing, grab a pen or a pencil and a notebook instead.  You may be surprised at the results.       

What kind of content will you find at The Gentleman Stationer?  Originally, I used this blog to review and archive my then-growing collection of fountain pens, but my interests have expanded over the past year, leading me to branch out into other types of pens, pencils, and notebooks (and even typewriters and mechanical keyboards from time to time).  As tempted as I am to incorporate bourbon, beer, and barbecue into this blog, it probably wouldn’t work.  If you’re looking for that, follow me on Instagram.