Newsletter Subscription Options

I've received feedback from several of you on the newsletter, and one option I've set up is the ability to subscribe to either Digital Divide, my monthly newsletter on various topics related to the benefits of using analog tools, OR the weekly RSS newsletter, which will send all posts from the prior week to your e-mail inbox.

If you would no longer like to receive one or the other, you can simply click on "Update Subscription Preferences" in the most recent version of the e-mail newsletter you received.  I thought this option had been set up in MailChimp, but it wasn't.  My mistake, and I apologize to those of you who ended up receiving the RSS newsletter alongside Digital Divide (if that's not what you were looking for).  

For those of you interested in subscribing for the first time, you will see a new signup form on the sidebar, reflecting the different subscription options.  Both are free.  

Thanks again!